Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean With These Tips

Many people love their dogs and take decent care of them but, many neglect their dog’s dental health simply because they either don’t know how important this maintenance is or they think that feeding them contaminated food and pet snacks keeps their teeth healthy. While the two dry food and biscuits can be of some help to your dog’s dental health it surely isn’t the only dental care your dog needs. Here are some hints of proper dental care for the dog. 

Regular teeth brushing

Most vets today recommend regular toothbrushing for your dog. Though some recommend brushing your dog’s teeth twice per week others recommend daily brushing. It’s necessary, however, to use specific toothbrushes and toothpaste made for dogs. Teaching your dog to take his teeth being brushed is best achieved when he is a pup as an older dog might not permit you to brush his teeth no matter how much you really coax him. If for some reason you can not get him to accept having his teeth don’t despair there are other things you can do to assist his teeth to stay healthy.


You will find rinses that are available for you to use in maintaining your dog’s teeth healthy. Seek advice from your vet as the best method to employ these rinses for maximum effect on your dog’s dental health.

Particular Oral Treats and Tartar control diets

There are special oral and tartar control diets that you can feed your dog that is great for his teeth and will help keep tartar from building up. Lots of individuals whose dogs are unwilling to have their teeth brushed discover that these treats and diets help a fantastic deal.

Raw Tough Meat

Some vets recommend giving your puppy raw tough meat they need to chew to help with their dental care. Raw meat such as stew meat has tendons that work like dental floss to clean between your dog’s teeth. It should be noted, however, that feeding raw meat to a puppy with immune deficiency problems is not advised as it could make him sick and in certain instances be fatal.

Chew Toys

You will find chew toys that are actually great for your helping keep your pet teeth healthy. Rope chews and rawhide bones are usually recommended for helping to maintain your dog’s dental health. Because most dogs like chewing on these types of toys that they could prove very successful to use.

Regular Vet Checks 

Normal vet checks are a significant part of your dog’s health for example his dental health. Vets in Tracy CA are trained to see modest issues before they become life-threatening for your pet and may take measures or advise you on what steps to take to keep your pet healthy.

While no 1 thing could be enough to prevent dental problems for the dog a blend of a number of the suggestions will at least help keep your pet teeth healthy. Many of the above options are easy to use and require little time and the results will be well worth the excess time or money if your dog remains healthy and happy to the life.

Routine dental care is as crucial to dogs and cats as it is to individuals, but most pets don’t get the oral hygiene care they need to keep their gums and teeth healthy.

We provide complete dental care for your pet at our Tracy veterinary hospital that’s only a trip to the dog and cat dentist.

Like people, dogs and cats require good oral health to keep good general health. At Affordable Pet Vet Clinic, we provide dog and cat dental care which includes cleanings, extractions, and dental surgery much like the care you get at your dentist. Click here for more info.